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A Real Amazon Fire TV Stick review that lays out the real facts, pros, and cons.

Amazon Fire TV StickEssentially, when one thinks of a streaming stick they think of connecting the barrier between a small screen and a big screen, but that is not what this Amazon Fire TV Stick Review is about. Of course you can store and view your pictures on your big screen t.v., but this device is more than that. It enables you to access the plethora of movies and shows that Amazon holds in their alcoves. The Leveno Cast, Chromecast and Roku are essentially limited to that, but not the Fire stick.

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Here you will find the most comprehensive Amazon Fire TV Stick Review anywhere online. Given the number of competitors that Amazon worked to gain a portion of the market over, it is only natural that all of the options given for each must be compared. If you are looking to determine whether or not the Amazon option is above the others you have come to the write place. Below is the all of the information that you need to make the decision that is right for you.

One major downside is that the power cable that is similar to what the Chromecast offers comes off of the side instead of the back. This can be a major problem if you have multiple devices that you like to connect to your t.v. using the HDMI ports. There is an extension cable available to go around this, but it is an extra purchase, which is something to keep in mind.

The remote is definitely something to be adored. Unlike other options it is operated using Bluetooth technology so that you are not forced to point it directly at the stick. This allows the user to be seated where they wish to control it. It is also very smooth and easy to use. The options seem limited, but in the end it provides everything that you could need, making the use very seamless and easy for anyone to use regardless of their level of technological experience.

Unfortunately, after dropping the remote just one you may run into some major problems. For one, the directional wheel may no longer work. It is a plus when it works properly, but if it stops working it can create a great deal of difficulty when it comes to navigation. Additionally, it is made so poorly that when dropped it is very likely to break into two pieces, leaving you to pick them up and hope that you can put them together and get it to work again as it should. The remote is great, unless you, like most people, have a tendency to drop it from time to time.

On the plus side, you can set up your phone to act as the remote so that you do not need to worry too much if it does break. It is very quick and easy to set this feature up, but if you do not have a phone that is compatible it can leave you unable to enjoy the features that you have paid for. Be sure that when you make your purchase that you confirm that you have this ability so that you are not spending more time ordering new remotes that watching your favorite shows and movies.

When it comes to what others have to say about this stick the reviews are extremely positive, with small complaints mixed in from here to there. One major complaint is how easy it is to lose the remote due to its small size and inconspicuous nature. A simple fix to that would be making it a bold color. If you have any other similar devices, however, you know that this is something that troubles everyone. Some even have a hanging tag of color, but in certain conditions that does not help either. This says nothing for its functionality, but of course not being able to find your remote can be annoying. It’s one of those things that almost everyone has gone through from time to time.

Finally, the set up time is amazing. Even the most inexperienced person that does not regularly use devices of this nature can set it up to fit their needs in as little as 30 minutes. The steps are very clear and so easy to follow your grandma can do it without question. The best part is that settings are not set in gold. If at anytime you wish to further customize your stick you can do so with just a few clicks of the button.

All in all the Amazon Fire TV Stick Reviews are actually quite positive. Given the prices involved they have a great deal to offer. There are some downsides, but in the end, their plethora of options available supersede these, especially if you have a phone that you can use to connect to the stick.

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