Roku Streaming Stick Review: The Pros And Cons

Roku Streaming StickYou’ve heard of Roku and now you’re probably considering buying its latest Streaming Stick. However, is it worth the money and what are its pros and cons? Before you decide to get it, make sure you read our Roku Streaming Stick review because t will provide you with its pros, cons, whether we recommend it and we will let you know how much you can expect to pay for it. Additionally, if you look around the page, we will even show you where you can get it.  🙂

The Pros

We’ll start this Roku streaming stick review off by discussing the pros. There are numbers things we like about this stick. Below are the top things we like.

1. Its Size- The latest streaming stick from Roku is the perfect size, as it’s smaller than its predecessor. What this means is you should have no problem fitting it into any HDMI port. One end of the stick features an HDMI connector and another end features a USB port, which powers it.

2. Remote Control- When you purchase the stick, you’ll receive a remote control that you can point anywhere. You can use it within a range of about 30 feet from your device. The remote is sleek looking and it features a big navigational pad. Using the remote is easy, so you shouldn’t have no problems with it.

3. The Roku App- You can download the free Roku app and control the stick with your tablet or smartphone. Essentially, you can use the app like a remote control. Another cool thing about the app is you can enjoy a private listening experience via your smartphone, and only the new Roku streaming stick is capable of using this feature.

4. Many Services Available- There are so many things you can watch once you get your hands on the Roku streaming stick. When you go to the Roku Channel Store, you’ll be able to select from many apps and services, and this includes names you’re familiar with, such as YouTube, Hulu, Google Play, Twitch, Sling TV and even Netflix. You will have  no problems finding something to watch and you’ll be impressed with the selection.

Not only can you watch a lot of stuff, but you can find a lot of music to listen to. You can take advantage of the stick and listen to iHeartRadio or see what’s on Spotify or you can check out Pandora or Google Play because you’ll find all of those on Roku. iTunes is missing from the selection, but this isn’t a big deal because you’ll find great music on the services previously mentioned. If you enjoy watching shows and listening to music, then you’ll love Roku and you’ll love its streaming stick.

Also, you’ll have no problem with navigating because the interface is very use-friendly. When you look at the home screen, you’ll see all of the apps you have installed, which will be shown to the right and then everything is separated into categories, which makes browsing easy. Searching for shows and movies is possible, and you can look for movies and shows on Fandango.

5. Affordable- With so many great features, you’d think this stick would be expensive. However, this isn’t the case at all and it only costs $49.99 at many places. Some retailers may sell it for more than that, but you can expect to pay around $49.99 for it, which is a good price and you’ll quickly see why it’s worth the money.

Those are only a few of the pros. In short, the Roku Streaming Stick is sold at a fair price, you’ll have access to many services, it works quickly and it is easy to use and it is very responsive. Those are the main reasons why we love it.

More Information on Amazon Here

Roku Streaming Stick Review – The Cons

No product is perfect. Although this streaming stick is near perfect, there are a handful of cons. In fact, there are two main cons. These cons include:

1. Doesn’t Support 4K- If you want to watch content in 4K, then you’re out of luck. The device doesn’t support 4K. Is this a huge deal? We don’t think it is and we don’t believe many people would care about this, but nonetheless there are some people who may consider this a con.

2. No Jack- The remote control may be great and useful, but there is a downfall. It features no jack for headphones. However, you can use the Roku mobile app and your phone if you want to enjoy private listening.

Those are the only cons. Even though the remote doesn’t have a jack and the device doesn’t support 4K, we don’t mind. We don’t think you’d mind either.

Should You Get It

We strongly recommend trying out the latest Roku Streaming Stick. For around $49.99, you can’t beat the price and it is one of those devices you will use over and over again. When it comes to media streaming sticks, you can’t beat Roku’s product, especially since it is so small and so fast at the same time. Remember, it is easy to use, so don’t worry about whether or not you have to be a tech guru or anything like that because it doesn’t matter who you are, figuring out how to use the Streaming Stick is easy.

As you can see from our Roku Streaming Stick review, it is a great product and we love it. It is worth the money and it’s affordable. Go ahead and order the Roku Streaming Stick because you’ll love it just as much as we love it.

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