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The GooBang Doo M8S Android TV is a new streaming box entry to the market that offers a number of features and possibilities given it’s open source nature. Streaming boxes have become an integral part of the home entertainment setting given their propensity to turn non-smart televisions into smart televisions. Because they are packed with features and functionality, it is hard to have a television and entertainment set up without one. Thus, it is very likely that you are looking for the perfect match for your entertainment viewing pleasure. While a lot of them offer the same kind of functionality on the marketplace, there are some that provide even more features and functionality due to their running of a Linux/open source based platform like Android. In this article, we will be going over a GooBang Doo review and we will be discussing whether or not it warrants a serious consideration for your entertainment set up.

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GooBang Doo Review Android TV: A GooBang Doo Review:

1. Hardware.

This set top box is packed with enough power to play full HD videos, run most processor heavy Android apps, and even play full Android games. Not only that, but it is powerful enough to play and watch 4K ready content on it as well. While this particular box is not packed with the most powerful CPU or graphics capabilities, it is probably going to be powerful enough for the average consumer. Within the box, you have 2 different USB 2.0 ports available for use which can effectively allow you to connect various peripherals including a flash drive, external mouse, and even an external keyboard. This alone makes the set top box an extremely useful and functional entertainment device because you are going to be able to do all kinds of different things with it easily. In addition, the USB ports effectively makes it possible to plug in an external hard drive which can help add significant amounts of storage to the unit at a fraction of the price you would pay for internal storage. Thus, you should be able to dump off all kinds of photos or video files on it and since it is a full on Android TV box, you can easily find the right applications to decode them.

2. Operating System.

Because this device comes with Android (4.4) – you can effectively install virtually any Android based application and/or game on the set top box. This allows you the opportunity to choose from thousands of applications that you can enjoy using on your box. In addition, the device comes with numerous applications already pre-installed including the popular media application known as Kodi. Therefore, it will save you the time that it would normally take to side load the application onto your device.

3. Ease of Use.

Because the set top box comes with it’s own remote control, you should be able to use it from your couch or wherever you plan on sitting. This also makes it very user friendly to those that might not be comfortable navigating the interface with a mouse and keyboard. With that being said, it would make sense to also purchase a wireless keyboard for it as it makes browsing and typing into the box much easier and much more convenient as well. The good news is, there are plenty of wireless keyboards available that you can use for it as it will pretty much work with any Bluetooth compatible keyboard.

4. Performance For Gaming.

A lot of people might be wanting to purchase this particular box for light gaming and/or to run emulators. Because you are able to connect an external wireless gaming controller to the box, you can effectively turn it into a light console. Because the set to box is powerful enough to run most games on the Android marketplace, it should provide you with a decent enough experience. With that being said, it is not going to run the games on the highest settings – especially if the game is resource intensive. Because there are so many different Android games available for free and/or to purchase, you can really get a lot of use out of a box like this for gaming purposes. As long as you are not expecting a console level experience, you should be satisfied with the gaming performance that this kind of box can offer.

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Pros Of The GooBang Doo – A GooBang Doo Review:

1. Access To Limitless Applications.

Because this particular box runs Android, you are going to have complete access to all kinds of applications that you likely wouldn’t have full access to if you invested in a more constricted set to box like a Roku or Amazon Fire TV. After all, you are running a vanilla brand of Android that will allow you to install virtually any Android application that you would be able to on your phone and/or tablet. Whereas, other set top boxes on the market are going to be much more restricted due to the ecosystem that they utilize. While there are other Android TV options on the marketplace, this one is one of the best available.

2. Kodi Already Installed.

A lot of people might not understand and/or want to take the time to install Kodi along with the variety of plugins that are the most popular. Because this set top box comes with a lot of popular Kodi plugins pre-installed, you are going to be able to save a significant amount of time and energy not having to do it yourself. Along with that, you will also be able to get more out of your device due to this.

3. Google Play Store.

Because this set top box is an Android TV box, you will bee able to access the full Google Play Store.

4. Good Customization Options.

This box offers a variety of customization options that you should be able to utilize and enjoy. Because it is built on the Android platform, you should be able to make the TV’s interface look like you want it to.

5. Good Performance.

Another area where this particular box excels is in the performance arena. The fact is, a lot of Android TV boxes are under-powered. This particular box – while not the most powerful on the market – is plenty powerful enough for the average consumer. As long as you are not looking for a complete console level experience as it relates to gaming, you should be satisfied with the amount of power that this box comes with. After all, you will be able to output 2K and/or 4K if you want to. Thus, it is going to provide you with an adequate performance for gaming and an exceptional entertainment viewing experience. Because the box comes equipped with 2GB of ram, it should offer plenty of performance for those that are looking for a speedy solution for their entertainment center.

6. Price Point.

The price point of this particular streaming box is where it really shines. A lot of the competition on the marketplace is extremely high end in terms of pricing. This is where GooBang provides such exceptional value for it’s customers. With this offering, you are not going to have to shell out hundreds of dollars. Instead, you will be getting a set top box fully ran off of the Android platform for a mind boggling $30-60 depending on the model that you go for. Thus, the price to performance ratio is out of this world and it is not something that you will be able to find elsewhere. Because of this incredible value, it easily has one of the best value propositions on the marketplace. The price point for this particular box is right where it needs to be to make it a ‘no brainer’ purchase from anyone that is looking for a budget friendly set top box.

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Cons Of The GooBang – A GooBang Doo Review:

1. Remote.

While it is very convenient that they decided to include a remote into the standard package with the streaming box, it is a hassle to use when you are looking to input text into forms. Not only that, but the remote can be somewhat confusing to configure properly. Thus, it is likely going to require the user invest in some kind of external keyboard set up solution to make text input much easier which equates to more cost.

2. Installing Plugins Requires Technical Skill.

When it comes to using this particular set top box, it does require a good amount of technical knowledge and/or the ability to follow instructions if you really want to get the most out of it. While this isn’t necessarily a knock on the product itself, it is a knock to Android TV’s in general.

3. Requires High Speed Internet For HD Streaming.

Another con of this device that isn’t necessarily a knock on the device is the fact that it does require a good 10 Mbps connection speed in order to actually get reliable HD streaming on the device. If you do not have this kind of connection, you are not likely going to be able to get the same kind of HD quality that you might expect to get. Again, this is more of a knock on the overall technology and it’s limitations than of the device itself.

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GooBang Doo Review Summary

Overall, this is easily one of the better Android TV boxes on the market. Because this Android TV comes in at such a competitive price point, a lot of people could argue that it offers one of (if not the best) value on the entire market. While the brand is not particularly mainstream, the box comes with sufficient power and pretty decent specifications with all things being considered. Because it has the capability to output in 2K and 4K, it is easily one of the most affordable Android boxes on the market.

This particular set top box comes with an incredible amount of functionality and with Kodi pre-installed along with a variety of plugins that you might want to use. Thus, you are going to be able to use this set top box to great potential right out of the box without having to know anything about installing plugins and/or side loading applications. With that being said, if you are looking to get the most out of the box itself, you are likely going to need to know and/or be able to familiarize yourself with being able to install various plugins on your own and/or side loading applications.

While this device surely has it’s own shortcomings, it is easily one of the best options available for budget minded consumers. After all, you are getting a full package for an incredibly low price. You should be able to get a lot out of this streaming box because it offers incredible functionality for a low price. As long as you have a 2K or 4K television or you plan on getting on in the future, you should be able to see the significant increases in screen resolution and because content is starting to pour out in 4K, this is the time to really invest in the technology as the prices of 4K televisions are only getting more affordable by the day. Instead of having to spend hundreds of dollars on a 4K ready streaming box, you can simply plop down the $30-60 that it takes to pick up this box and get the same kind of functionality that you would expect from a high priced gadget.

As long as you are willing to deal with some of the shortcomings in the user interface and possibly investing in a wireless keyboard to pair with the set top box, you should be in for a treat. It is a great way to get a good amount of value out of your entertainment set up as you will have access to limitless applications on the Android Marketplace and it has enough power to even simulate a light console gaming experience for those that are looking for something that can play Android games and/or emulators.

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