Detailed NVIDIA Shield Android TV Review 2018

NVIDIA Shield Android TV Review 2016Searching for a world-class streaming box? This NVIDIA Shield Android TV review should help. You will be stuck with a plethora of options and minimal time to make a decision. This is when you’re going to start scratching your head in confusion. Before getting worried, it’s important to take a look at one of the major players in the market right now.

The “NVIDIA Shield Android TV” is a potential option and is one most people will look at.

This review will look at its features, pros, and cons to determine whether it is worth spending money on or not.

Key Features

Let’s start with the features in this NVIDIA Shield Android TV review to make sure a proper determination can be made of its core specifications.

1) Offers 4K HDR For Netflix And 1000+ Apps
2) Easy To Use Device For Beginners
3) Powered By Android TV™
4) Has Built-In Google Chromecast For Easy Use
5) Offers Easy Access To All Games With SHIELD
6) Offers 16 GB Of Storage (Can Increase To 128 GB If Necessary)
7) Includes Controller And HDMI

More Information on Amazon Here

These are the key features for this streaming box and what it provides. Let’s move onto the pros and cons.

World-Class 4K Streaming

Before anything else, it is important to begin this NVIDIA Shield Android TV review with a look at the picture quality. If the quality isn’t there, the streaming box won’t do justice to your setup.

This is a world-class option. It does an exceptional job of providing excellent picture quality that will make your jaw drop. It picks up colors and blacks well, and that is key when hoping to get a crisp image that works well with your system. Not only does it do this for Netflix, but it also does it for hundreds of other streaming apps in the setup.

Therefore, those who are thinking of KODI will also be able to stream with ease.

Good Native App Selection

What about the native app selection? This is always a challenge when there are competitors such as Apple TV in the running for your money.

The native app selection is tremendous and detailed. You’ll be able to play around with the apps and get the ones you want. This is key as you won’t require any other system once you have this streaming box. They have worked hard on it, and this shows.

Easy To Use

How easy is it to use for those who are getting a streaming box for the first time? It is a “plug and play” system, so it won’t take longer than a few seconds to have it up and running. There are minimal wires at play, so connect it to your TV through the HDMI port, and you are golden.

This easiness is key and works well with all of your devices.

By using Google Chromecast, you can even play things through your smartphones, which is a major positive. It works with both Android and iOS devices so that you won’t be limited in this regard.

Good Voice Search Feature

The voice search is a neat bonus and one most people are not going to expect, but it does come with NVIDIA Shield Android TV. They have done a good job of making sure the voice feature is responsive. It does not mess up as can be the case with such solutions.

It is a robust feature and one that will grab your attention.


The one con you are going to notice with NVIDIA Shield Android TV has to do with its price point. Just like any good product, they’re going to charge you a good chunk of change for it. The same applies to this product from NVIDIA and what they offer.

It might be a lot for some, but you have to realize the features are unbeatable right now.

You are getting good value.


So, what does this NVIDIA Shield Android TV review show you as a consumer?

You should be getting this well-rounded streaming TV box as soon as you can. It is the real deal, and the overall package is hard to beat. You are getting excellent streaming quality, gaming options, and various apps that are going to work well with your setup.

This is one of the best streaming boxes on the market right now without a doubt.

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