GooBang Doo Review and Information

BooBang Doo Review

Are you looking for a comprehensive GooBang Doo Review?

The GooBang Doo M8S Android TV is a new streaming box entry to the market that offers a number of features and possibilities given it’s open source nature. Streaming boxes have become an integral part of the home entertainment setting given their propensity to turn non-smart televisions into smart televisions. Because they are packed with features and functionality, it is hard to have a television and entertainment set up without one. Thus, it is very likely that you are looking for the perfect match for your entertainment viewing pleasure. While a lot of them offer the same kind of functionality on the marketplace, there are some that provide even more features and functionality due to their running of a Linux/open source based platform like Android. In this article, we will be going over a GooBang Doo review and we will be discussing whether or not it warrants a serious consideration for your entertainment set up.

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GooBang Doo Review Android TV: A GooBang Doo Review:

1. Hardware.

This set top box is packed with enough power to play full HD videos, run most processor heavy Android apps, and even play full Android games. Not only that, but it is powerful enough to play and watch 4K ready content on it as well. While this particular box is not packed with the most powerful CPU or graphics capabilities, it is probably going to be powerful enough for the average consumer. Within the box, you have 2 different USB 2.0 ports available for use which can effectively allow you to connect various peripherals including a flash drive, external mouse, and even an external keyboard. This alone makes the set top box an extremely useful and functional entertainment device because you are going to be able to do all kinds of different things with it easily. In addition, the USB ports effectively makes it possible to plug in an external hard drive which can help add significant amounts of storage to the unit at a fraction of the price you would pay for internal storage. Thus, you should be able to dump off all kinds of photos or video files on it and since it is a full on Android TV box, you can easily find the right applications to decode them.

2. Operating System.

Because this device comes with Android (4.4) – you can effectively install virtually any Android based application and/or game on the set top box. This allows you the opportunity to choose from thousands of applications that you can enjoy using on your box. In addition, the device comes with numerous applications already pre-installed including the popular media application known as Kodi. Therefore, it will save you the time that it would normally take to side load the application onto your device.

3. Ease of Use.

Because the set top box comes with it’s own remote control, you should be able to use it from your couch or wherever you plan on sitting. This also makes it very user friendly to those that might not be comfortable navigating the interface with a mouse and keyboard. With that being said, it would make sense to also purchase a wireless keyboard for it as it makes browsing and typing into the box much easier and much more convenient as well. The good news is, there are plenty of wireless keyboards available that you can use for it as it will pretty much work with any Bluetooth compatible keyboard.

4. Performance For Gaming.

A lot of people might be wanting to purchase this particular box for light gaming and/or to run emulators. Because you are able to connect an external wireless gaming controller to the box, you can effectively turn it into a light console. Because the set to box is powerful enough to run most games on the Android marketplace, it should provide you with a decent enough experience. With that being said, it is not going to run the games on the highest settings – especially if the game is resource intensive. Because there are so many different Android games available for free and/or to purchase, you can really get a lot of use out of a box like this for gaming purposes. As long as you are not expecting a console level experience, you should be satisfied with the gaming performance that this kind of box can offer.

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Pros Of The GooBang Doo – A GooBang Doo Review:

1. Access To Limitless Applications.

Because this particular box runs Android, you are going to have complete access to all kinds of applications that you likely wouldn’t have full access to if you invested in a more constricted set to box like a Roku or Amazon Fire TV. After all, you are running a vanilla brand of Android that will allow you to install virtually any Android application that you would be able to on your phone and/or tablet. Whereas, other set top boxes on the market are going to be much more restricted due to the ecosystem that they utilize. While there are other Android TV options on the marketplace, this one is one of the best available.

2. Kodi Already Installed.

A lot of people might not understand and/or want to take the time to install Kodi along with the variety of plugins that are the most popular. Because this set top box comes with a lot of popular Kodi plugins pre-installed, you are going to be able to save a significant amount of time and energy not having to do it yourself. Along with that, you will also be able to get more out of your device due to this.

3. Google Play Store.

Because this set top box is an Android TV box, you will bee able to access the full Google Play Store.

4. Good Customization Options.

This box offers a variety of customization options that you should be able to utilize and enjoy. Because it is built on the Android platform, you should be able to make the TV’s interface look like you want it to.

5. Good Performance.

Another area where this particular box excels is in the performance arena. The fact is, a lot of Android TV boxes are under-powered. This particular box – while not the most powerful on the market – is plenty powerful enough for the average consumer. As long as you are not looking for a complete console level experience as it relates to gaming, you should be satisfied with the amount of power that this box comes with. After all, you will be able to output 2K and/or 4K if you want to. Thus, it is going to provide you with an adequate performance for gaming and an exceptional entertainment viewing experience. Because the box comes equipped with 2GB of ram, it should offer plenty of performance for those that are looking for a speedy solution for their entertainment center.

6. Price Point.

The price point of this particular streaming box is where it really shines. A lot of the competition on the marketplace is extremely high end in terms of pricing. This is where GooBang provides such exceptional value for it’s customers. With this offering, you are not going to have to shell out hundreds of dollars. Instead, you will be getting a set top box fully ran off of the Android platform for a mind boggling $30-60 depending on the model that you go for. Thus, the price to performance ratio is out of this world and it is not something that you will be able to find elsewhere. Because of this incredible value, it easily has one of the best value propositions on the marketplace. The price point for this particular box is right where it needs to be to make it a ‘no brainer’ purchase from anyone that is looking for a budget friendly set top box.

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Cons Of The GooBang – A GooBang Doo Review:

1. Remote.

While it is very convenient that they decided to include a remote into the standard package with the streaming box, it is a hassle to use when you are looking to input text into forms. Not only that, but the remote can be somewhat confusing to configure properly. Thus, it is likely going to require the user invest in some kind of external keyboard set up solution to make text input much easier which equates to more cost.

2. Installing Plugins Requires Technical Skill.

When it comes to using this particular set top box, it does require a good amount of technical knowledge and/or the ability to follow instructions if you really want to get the most out of it. While this isn’t necessarily a knock on the product itself, it is a knock to Android TV’s in general.

3. Requires High Speed Internet For HD Streaming.

Another con of this device that isn’t necessarily a knock on the device is the fact that it does require a good 10 Mbps connection speed in order to actually get reliable HD streaming on the device. If you do not have this kind of connection, you are not likely going to be able to get the same kind of HD quality that you might expect to get. Again, this is more of a knock on the overall technology and it’s limitations than of the device itself.

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GooBang Doo Review Summary

Overall, this is easily one of the better Android TV boxes on the market. Because this Android TV comes in at such a competitive price point, a lot of people could argue that it offers one of (if not the best) value on the entire market. While the brand is not particularly mainstream, the box comes with sufficient power and pretty decent specifications with all things being considered. Because it has the capability to output in 2K and 4K, it is easily one of the most affordable Android boxes on the market.

This particular set top box comes with an incredible amount of functionality and with Kodi pre-installed along with a variety of plugins that you might want to use. Thus, you are going to be able to use this set top box to great potential right out of the box without having to know anything about installing plugins and/or side loading applications. With that being said, if you are looking to get the most out of the box itself, you are likely going to need to know and/or be able to familiarize yourself with being able to install various plugins on your own and/or side loading applications.

While this device surely has it’s own shortcomings, it is easily one of the best options available for budget minded consumers. After all, you are getting a full package for an incredibly low price. You should be able to get a lot out of this streaming box because it offers incredible functionality for a low price. As long as you have a 2K or 4K television or you plan on getting on in the future, you should be able to see the significant increases in screen resolution and because content is starting to pour out in 4K, this is the time to really invest in the technology as the prices of 4K televisions are only getting more affordable by the day. Instead of having to spend hundreds of dollars on a 4K ready streaming box, you can simply plop down the $30-60 that it takes to pick up this box and get the same kind of functionality that you would expect from a high priced gadget.

As long as you are willing to deal with some of the shortcomings in the user interface and possibly investing in a wireless keyboard to pair with the set top box, you should be in for a treat. It is a great way to get a good amount of value out of your entertainment set up as you will have access to limitless applications on the Android Marketplace and it has enough power to even simulate a light console gaming experience for those that are looking for something that can play Android games and/or emulators.

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Some Of The Best Amazon Fire TV Apps

Amazon Fire TV Apps

Have you recently purchased an Amazon Fire TV? Your next step is to download all of the coolest apps. There’s a lot you can do besides actually watching television. Let’s look at some of the coolest Amazon Fire TV apps you can download using the Amazon App Store.

1. Netflix.

Chances are, you’ve not only heard of Netflix, but you’ve used it in the past. You might use it frequently on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or gaming console. It should come as no surprise that it’s available through the Amazon App Store and is one of the most downloaded apps there is.

Netflix happens to be the number one provider of streaming movies and television shows. Amazon does have its own library of streaming content, but the amount of videos it has available still falls significantly short of what is available through Netflix.

That’s probably why Netflix has close to 90 million members spread out through nearly 200 countries. Altogether, Netflix users watch more than 125 million hours of movies and television each day. They have become so popular and made so much money that they’ve launched several of their own original “Netflix Only” shows. Most of these shows were a huge critical success.

Are you interested in breaking away from the standard cable model? Tired of paying eighty bucks a month for 200 hundred channels that don’t really have anything you want to watch? If so, then Netflix should be one of the first apps for the Amazon Fire TV that you use. The app itself is free. Using it comes with a small subscription fee, but it’s worth every penny.

2. Youtube.

If you are looking for a slightly less commercial streaming experience, then Youtube is the way to go. Once again, you’ve probably already heard of this app and maybe have already seen hundreds of hilarious cat videos. What Netflix does for movies and television, Youtube does for home recordings and music videos.

Youtube has attempted to break into the movie and television scene with their own paid subscription to an online movie library. However, most people don’t come to Youtube for that. After all, anything they can show you, you can probably just watch on Netflix. Youtube shines when it comes to sharing user-made content.

On this app you will find how-to videos, music videos, funny fails, attempts at standup, recorded pranks, bloopers caught on camera, and just about everything else that wasn’t produced in a Hollywood studio.

If you already have a Google account, then you have a Youtube account. There is no cost to download the app for the Fire TV and there is no cost to use the app. All of the videos, aside from the actual movie content, is completely free.

3. Allcast.

Watching movies or videos on the Amazon Fire TV doesn’t require using a paid streaming app like Netflix. Not if you already own the video and it’s downloaded on your smartphone or another device. There are ways you can stream the content from those devices to your Amazon Fire TV. The easiest way to go about this is by using the Amazon Allcast app.

Allcast lets you stream content from a variety of sources to your Amazon Fire TV. It also lets you stream content to a Roku device, Apple TV, and an Xbox. It’s a fairly versatile app designed to compete with the Google Chromecast app. It’s not quite as flexible as Chromecast, but it’s still the best option for an Amazon TV.

Many Fire TV users use the Allcast app to cast their photos, music, and videos to their televisions. It’s great if you already have movies backed up on your device and you don’t want to re-download them or stream them through another service. The Allcast does have its limitations, though.

There is a free version and a premium version of the app. The free version is severely limited. It has a five-minute streaming limit for videos, so you won’t be watching any movies on the free version. It’s just enough for you to test the app and see if you like it. If you do, then you should invest in the premium version so that you can cast your content without interruption.

The app has also had some problems with specific devices. Using the free version gives you a chance to determine if the app is compatible with your smartphone or tablet. If it doesn’t work, then there’s no sense in upgrading to the premium version. There are some alternative casting apps that aren’t as popular, yet may be compatible with your device.

4. VLC Player For Fire.

One final option that doesn’t require online streaming or casting from a separate device is playing the content locally using a media player. On Windows, you might use Windows Media Player. Another well-known player that is available on Windows, Android, Linux, and Amazon Fire TV is the VLC Media Player.

Most people prefer the VLC player once they’ve had a chance to compare it to the standard Windows Media Player. There are more features, more customization options, and it can play nearly any audio or video format that exists. For example, Windows Media Player cannot play MKV video files. The VLC media player handles these files with ease.

VLC also has a casting option similar to that of Allcast, but at the moment it only works with content that is stored on a server or local computer. Mobile device functionality is not yet implemented.

Perhaps the best part of VLC is that every aspect of it is completely free. It’s a free download, with all of its features already unlocked, and no subscription model. Easily the best media player in the Amazon Fire TV apps.

5. Minecraft.

When you think of online games you might think of titles like “World of Warcraft”, but Minecraft is a game that is right up there in terms of ranking. It’s a sandbox game with a relatively simple concept. The world is made of small 3D cubes. You can explore this massive world, take the cubes, and then use them to build your own creations. Other online players can visit and explore your massive cube creations.

In addition to the creation and sharing aspect, there is also an exploration, combat, and gathering side of the game. It’s an altogether balanced and entertaining gaming experience. It’s already available on Windows, PS4, Xbox, and Android. Now it’s available on the Amazon Fire TV.

Online play is not restricted to people using the same device. It’s cross-platform, which means you can play with others who are using an Xbox, PS4, or Windows. Minecraft has become such a huge hit across all of these platforms that it is actually the second-best-selling video game ever. The only game to have ever sold more copies than Minecraft is Tetris. It is the number one selling game on PC with World of Warcraft in a close second place.

To play Minecraft, or any other game-based Amazon Fire TV apps, you will need an Amazon Fire TV game controller. The game controller lets you play hundreds of different games that are available for download through the Amazon App Store. It is compatible with the Amazon Fire TV and the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The controller even has voice commands for locating games.

In addition to the price of the controller, you’ll have to pay a small one-time fee for the Minecraft app. They are both worthy investments.

6. Shovel Knight.

A game doesn’t have to be a number one best seller to be a great game. If you love complex, difficult, and entertaining side-scrolling action, then you should consider the Shovel Knight app. It features the perfect combination of retro graphics with modern day functionality. It’s an 8-bit adventure that will feel familiar, yet new if you’ve ever played a game that came out in 80’s or early 90’s.

Much of the core gameplay was inspired by the original Mega Man games for the NES. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have anything new to offer. There are large hub towns, a manageable inventory, and plenty of NPC’s that you can barter with. Playing the game will bring back memories of Mario 3, Mega Man, Duck Tales, Castlevania, and Zelda II. It does all of this without feeling boring, tired, or cliché.

The music, art style, and plot of the game really helped it stand out from the games where it drew inspiration. Though the gameplay may seem familiar, it looks and sounds so different that you know you’re playing a new, original game. That’s why it’s been voted as the best indie game to surface in 2014.

7. TED TV App.

Most people either love TED talks or they hate them. If you’re one of the people who enjoy TED talks, then you will love the TED TV app. It’s a video streaming app that doesn’t focus on blockbuster movies or funny cat videos. It’s all about bringing your favorite intellectual discussions to your Amazon Fire TV.

If you don’t already know what TED talks are, they are short video lectures given to large audiences. The lectures can focus on nearly any subject. Some focus on ways to improve life, others on more scientific inquiries, and others may focus on financial goals.

The app is particularly helpful for people whose first language isn’t English. It provides most of the TED talks in several different languages. There are thousands of talks stored in their archives and new talks are added every day.

There is an interesting way to find videos through this app called the “Inspire Me” feature. You choose an experience you want to view and then tell the app the amount of time you have to spend watching the lectures. It then creates a playlist that delivers on that experience within the allotted amount of time. It can miss the mark sometimes, but it is still a unique and interesting way to queue new videos.

8. Pandora Radio App.

Pandora is to streaming music what Netflix is to streaming videos. The big difference between the two is that Pandora is generally free with an option for a premium service that doesn’t include advertisements.

Pandora is a music streaming service that lets you pick an artist, genre, or specific station. Music plays and you are given a certain number of “skips” you can use when you don’t like a song. Unlike some other streaming music apps, there are no “human created” stations. You also can’t choose a specific song to listen to.

If you can find a station that you really like, then Pandora can be the perfect streaming apps. However, if you find that they play a lot of songs you don’t like, then you’ll be aching to skip more songs. The only way to get an unlimited number of skips is by joining their premium membership. The membership features available will differ between your Amazon Fire TV and your desktop. For example, the desktop version won’t have unlimited skips, but the Fire TV version will.

9. Spotify.

The only music streaming service that could possibly surpass Pandora is Spotify. There are some big differences between the two. Spotify gives you a lot more control over what you are actually listening to. You can even add your own personal music files to your playlist.

Unlike Pandora, you can search for specific songs rather than just listen to a station that focuses on a certain artist. However, Spotify doesn’t have access to some of the biggest names in the music industry. Those artists that do sign agreements with Spotify usually offer some cool incentives. Some artists even release their albums early on Spotify for premium members.

There’s A Lot More.

These apps are only the biggest and most well-known Amazon Fire TV apps. If you don’t like Pandora or Spotify, then there are still several other music streaming apps you can download. The same goes for games and video streaming apps. The Amazon Fire TV has a huge library of compatible apps so you can always find something you like.

Selecting An Android TV Box Canada

Android TV Box Canada

When choosing an Android TV Box Canada, there are many streaming boxes on the market. Every month, new boxes are released. However, if you live outside of the United States, you will want to choose your TV box carefully. You’ll want to make sure that the device you select will support the apps and service that are available in your country.

If you live in Canada, you may want to look into purchasing an Android streaming device. When you opt for an Android TV box, you’ll have access to all of the apps in the Google Play store. Many of these apps can be enjoyed by Canadian customers.

If you’re trying to find the best Android TV box Canada, here are a few devices that you will want to consider.


If you are looking for a high-end TV box, you should take a closer look at the NVIDIA SHIELD Pro. NVIDIA actually has two different SHIELD boxes on the market. One of the boxes has a massive 500 GB hard drive. This device is perfect for people that want to stream their own video files with their TV box. The other unit has 16 GB of storage, which makes it a great fit for standard use.

Unlike many other popular Android boxes, this box should be available for purchase at many Canadian retailers. If you are willing to invest in a top-of-the-line TV box, the SHIELD is an excellent choice.

The Leelbox MXQ Pro

If you want a high quality TV box, but you aren’t willing to pay the kind of prices you would have to pay for a NVIDIA Shield, the MXQ Pro is a very good compromise. This device, which is made by Leelbox, supports 4K streaming and can be used with any Android TV app.

This unit has 1 GB of DDR3 ram, and another 8 GB of flash memory. Because of this, it is able to stream content without any kind of lag or slowdown, even when that content is in HD.

This box can usually be purchased for less than $70 CDN. While a lot of Canadian TV boxes are expensive, this box is very budget-friendly.

The M96X Android TV Box

Are you looking for a small and stylish box that can fit anywhere on an entertainment center? If you want a box with a sleek look, you’ll be very impressed by this device. This box, which has a Amlogic S905X chipset, is one of the better-looking Android boxes on the market.

If your goal is to find the best Android TV box Canada, you will be hard-pressed to find a better device than this one. The unit comes with many of the most popular Android apps pre-installed. Netflix, Kodi, Skype, and Showbox are already installed on this device. You’ll also be able to add any other Android apps that you are interested in. This is another box that retails for about $60 CDN.

The Trongle S1

While this box has a strange name, it definitely has a great look. The box is sleek and modern-looking, and it has a very memorable logo.

Of course, this TV box has a lot more to offer than looks. It also has an Amlogic S805 quad core processor, which means that it has a lot of power behind it. It also has picture and video decoding support, which means that is can play all kinds of different files.

If you’re looking for a versatile streaming device that is available for purchase in Canada, you will be very pleased with this device. This is another budget-friendly streaming device that offers a lot of functionality.

The A95X Amlogic TV Box

There’s an old saying about how good things come in small packages. While that isn’t always true, it is definitely the case for this TV box. This box has a S905X chipset and a quad core processor, which means that is able to stream all kinds of video content.

This box has two USB ports, which means that you can connect your mouse and your keyboard to it if you desire. You can use the box to browse the internet on your TV, and you can even use it with gaming apps! It’s got enough power to support all kinds of gaming applications.

If you’re looking for a great TV box for less than $50 CDN, this unit has got you covered.

Matricom G-Box Q²

There are two different versions of the Matricom G-Box. One of them has a quad core processor, and the other has an incredible octo core processor. Both of the TV boxes support TV streaming, and both boxes have a wide variety of apps that are pre-installed.

This box also comes with built-in 802.11n WiFi, which will make it easier for you to stream content. If you are interested in using Kodi with your box, this device is an especially good choice. This Android TV box Canada was specifically created with Kodi in mind.


MINIX offers a number of Canadian TV boxes, and the NEO is one of the best boxes that they offer. The box has a 2.4GHz wireless connection, an octo core GPU, and a quad core processor behind it. It stands above many of the other TV boxes that are on the market.

Because this box has so much power behind it, it also has a fairly high price. While the price varies from retailer to retailer, it generally costs around $175 CDN. If you’re willing to pay for a premium TV box, you’ll definitely be impressed by what this unit is capable of.

A lot of people think that there aren’t many options for an Android TV box Canada. However, there are actually a wide variety of devices that can be purchased from Canadian retailers.

An Android streaming device is an excellent choice for anyone that lives in Canada. If you invest in a box like this, you’ll be able to use all of your favorite apps and enjoy all kinds of streaming content.

How You Can Find The Best TV Box For Kodi

Best TV Box for Kodi

If you are interested in buying some sort of streaming TV box, you will want to look for a box that supports Kodi and will want to select the best tv box for Kodi that you can afford. Kodi is an open-source software application that was specifically designed for TV streaming.

There are a number of advantages to using Kodi to meet your streaming needs. To start, Kodi allows you to stream files over a local network. This is great if you want to stream your own digital files on your TV. It is also a great way to reduce the amount of bandwidth that you use.

To make things even better, there are a variety of plug-ins that Kodi supports. You can use Kodi for all of your different services. There are plugins for Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and so much more.

At this current point in time, Kodi does not produce a box that is designed to be used with its own software. Because of this, you will have to take the time to find the best TV box for Kodi.

There are many different boxes on the market that support Kodi. If you’re looking for a box that you can use with Kodi, here are a few of the top boxes on the market.

The Amazon Fire TV

Amazon’s streaming box is one of the most successful streaming devices on the market, and it is easy to see why. There are a lot of people that trust the Amazon name. In addition, this is one of the more affordable boxes on the market. You can purchase a box for less than $100, and Amazon regularly offers special deals.

While this box is fairly small in size, it actually has a lot of power behind it. Because it uses a 2GHz quad core processor, it will let you take full advantage of Kodi. You can install all kinds of different plug-ins, and you can really see what Kodi is capable of.

With that said, this box isn’t the best choice for people that aren’t tech savvy. The Kodi app isn’t available in the Amazon Marketplace, which means that you will have to install it outside of the store.

This process isn’t overly complex, but if you are looking for something quick and easy, you might be better suited by the other boxes on this list.

The CompuLab Utilite

Are you familiar with the Linux operating system? If you love Linux, you may want to find a streaming box that supports it. You can get Linux support at a lot of power from the CompuLab Utilite.

Kodi is compatible with Linux, which means that you should be able to get it installed on the box without much of a problem. You’ll also be able to experiment with other Linux apps. Linux isn’t always easy to use, but it does offer a lot of flexibility.

As with the Amazon Fire, this isn’t necessarily going to be the simplest choice. If you aren’t familiar with Linux, you may find this box to be a bit of a challenge.

This box also has a fairly high price tag; it currently costs around $190. Because of this, this box should only be purchased by people that are specifically seeking a Linux-friendly streaming device.

The Nvidia Shield

Are you looking for a box that you can use with a 4K TV? If you are, you would be hard-pressed to find a box that offers as much as the Nvidia Shield does. It is one of the most powerful boxes on the market.

This box uses the Android TV operating system. Because of this, you should be able to install Kodi on the box in a matter of minutes. The only thing that you will have to do is locate the box in the Google Play store.

When you purchase this box, you can take full advantage of everything that Kodi offers. Even if you want to install skins, you won’t experience any kind of slowdowns. Your box will be able to run all kinds of streaming files without a single issue.

The Shield is fairly pricey. The starting price for this box is around $200. If you decide to buy this box, you should look at it as an investment. Because it has so much power behind it, you won’t be limited to using it with Kodi. You’ll be able to use it for a variety of tasks. If you have a 4K TV, and you want to take advantage of it, this is the box you should buy.

The Cubox i2

If ease of use is important to you, you are going to love the Cubox i2. Unlike many of the other boxes on this list, Kodi is installed on the box right out of the gate. As soon as you get this streaming box set up, you will be able to start using Kodi.

However, this box isn’t just a convenient streaming device. It is also an affordable streaming device. At the time of writing, this box can be purchased for just $90. If you want to stream on a budget, this box should be a great choice for you.

Because this box only uses a 1GHz dual core processor, it isn’t the best choice for people that are interested in 4K streaming. However, if you are going to be streaming content on a regular HD TV, this box should provide you with everything that you need.

The WeTek Core

While there aren’t many boxes that come with Kodi pre-installed, there are a few great options out there. The WeTek Core is another box that already has Kodi installed on it. It’s also a powerful box that you will be able to use to stream 4K Tv.

However, there are a few problems associated with this box. It isn’t available in every country, which means that some people will have a hard time purchasing it online. Check to see if this box is available in your area before you get your heart set on it.

The Gem Box

As with the Nvidia Shield, the Gem Box runs on the Android operating system. This means that you will be able to get Kodi running on the box very quickly. This box also has a very strong processor behind it. It uses a 1.5GHz quad core processor, which means that it can stream high-quality video very quickly.

This is an affordable box. It costs about $99, and it offers more power than a lot of the other boxes in its price range. It is also a great box for people that are interested in TV gaming. This box is compatible with both the GameFly and Steam Link apps.

The Razer Forge TV

The Razer brand has an excellent reputation in the world of gaming. Razer is famous for their mouses and keyboards. A number of professional gamers use Razer mouses.

However, Razer doesn’t just make PC accessories. They also have their own TV streaming box, and some people say that it is the best TV box for Kodi.

It’s another box that runs on the Android operating system; every Android box is Kodi compatible. It’s a cheap box with an incredibly strong processor behind it. It only costs $100, and it has a 2.7Ghz quad core processor. If you decide to invest in this box, you won’t be disappointed.

Tops MXV Android TV

This Android TV box is one of the cheapest Kodi streaming boxes. You can easily find this box for less than $50. If you’re looking for a bargain, you won’t have to look any further than this box.

While this box may have a cheap price tag, it does have some real power behind it. It boasts a quad core processor with 2 gigabytes of ram. This makes it the best TV box for Kodi streaming on a tight budget.

Idroidnation I-Box II

This is a sleek and efficient box that comes with Kodi installed straight out of the box. You won’t have to wait a single minute to start up Kodi. This box can be configured in minutes, and you can start using Kodi as soon as everything is done.

This box supports 4K streaming, which means that it can help you to get more out of your 4K television. Like most of the boxes on this list, it also has a very impressive processor. It runs on an octa core processor, which makes it one of the most powerful devices in this list.

If you want a box with storage, you’ll be very satisfied with this box. It comes with 16 GB of on-box storage, and you can add even more storage with an SD card.

The Matricom G-Box Q2

While this box has an unwieldy name, it isn’t difficult to use or set up. Like many of the boxes on this list, it comes with Android TV. This box also has a very attractive appearance; it will look great sitting on your entertainment center.

This is one of the most affordable 4K-compatible boxes on the market. It is only $100, and it can stream 4K content beautifully. A box like this will allow you to take full advantage of your 4K TV. It also has a very powerful processor. It comes with a 2GHz quad core processor. A box like this can handle a great deal.

Pigflytech MX3-plus

This is one of the top-selling Kodi streaming boxes on the market. A large portion of the people that buy this box purchase it specifically because they want to use it for Kodi.

So what is this box capable of? To start, it comes loaded with Kodi. It has a very powerful chip set, and it has a strong processor as well. It supports both 2K and 4K streaming. It’s fast and responsive, and it provides a lot of value for the price. A box like this will currently run you about $85.

NextD TV Android Box

If you want a box that you can use for more than Kodi, you will definitely want to take a closer look at this device. It can install more than one million apps.

This box has a number of other perks as well. It supports 3D video, which means that you can use it to stream 3D content with Kodi. It has 16 GB of flash storage, and it has two USB ports, which means that you can easily add more storage if you need it.

Although this box doesn’t support 4K streaming, it is still a great box to use with Kodi. At about $99, it is the perfect box for people that want to use both Kodi and other kinds of apps.

Blvk Box Media Player

This is another Android streaming device that is perfect for use with Kodi. One of the first things that most people notice about this box is its small size; it will barely take up any room at all. If you don’t have a lot of room on your entertainment center, you should look at this box. You can squeeze it into just about any space.

This box isn’t as powerful as a lot of the other boxes on the list, and it doesn’t support 4K streaming. With that said, if you’re looking for a no-frills way to use Kodi, this box will meet your needs. This box also comes with a number of accessories.

When you use Kodi for your streaming content, you don’t have to deal with any limitations. It’s a great piece of software that provides a lot of flexibility.

As long as you have a box that supports Kodi, you’ll be able to stream all the content you want to. You can install skins and plug-ins, creating a fantastic custom TV experience.

Take the time to find the best TV box for Kodi. Once you have the right TV box set up, you’ll be able to start using Kodi. Once you have this streaming software installed, you won’t have to worry about any other apps! Kodi can do it all.

Our Latest Slingbox M2 Review

Slingbox M2 Review

Slingbox M2 ReviewHere is our quick Slingbox M2 review that will go over how this device works, and improvements that have been made, that may motivate you to give this a try.

If you have been doing your research on Sling Media’s Slingbox line, you have probably seen quite a few articles on the Slingbox M2. These are referred to as place-shifting devices, technology that is becoming very popular because of what it is able to do. If you have ever wanted to watch your favorite shows that you have recorded on your DVR it home, and you are currently traveling or at a friend’s home, typically you would have to wait. This device makes it possible for you to watch all of the shows on a multitude of different devices which is why it has become so popular.

More Information on Amazon Here

Slingbox M2 Review

This product is very unique because it allows you to simply take the video output from your satellite box or cable, and stream it directly to your computer over the web. You can also receive this on your mobile device, making this a very popular item. It will allow you to do streaming cable, or even satellite channels, even through a second TV.

Improvements Over Slingbox M1

There have actually been many improvements over the previous model. You can now get all of the mobile apps for free. Although identical in functionality to Slingbox M1, Slingbox M2 now allows you to watch channels that you are already paying for that you have saved. This includes Verizon FIOS, AT&T U-verse, or even Dish Network.

Improvements On High Speed Wireless Connections

One of the problems that people had on the previous model was that the speeds were not that great. With the newly updated ethernet and built-in Wi-Fi, it’s easy to connect to the Internet wirelessly. It also works through a wired router connection, with no problems at all. It’s also compatible with your existing TV, cell phones or even your tablet computers. It’s the perfect solution for people that want to watch the shows they pay for every month that simply cannot be home long enough to enjoy them on their television

Slingplayer App And DVR Recordings

If you have any of your shows that are already recorded, you can get access to these as well. You do not have to simply watch what is playing right now on DirecTV or Dish. Simply access which you have saved over the last few months, and do some binge watching. It will work with Apple TV, Fire TV, and even your Roku. Additionally, Android and Windows mobile devices will connect perfectly with his device which has really improved in the last year.

Access To Home Security Cameras

There is one other beneficial feature that has been added which is the ability to access home security cameras. This is something that many people like to do while they are away. If you happen to be traveling for several weeks, and you just want to make sure that everything is fine inside of your home, you can gain access to all of your cameras to see what is going on in every room where they are installed.

Now that you have read our Slingbox M2 review, you should consider taking advantage of the new low price that the Slingbox M2 is currently selling for. You will see that most of the reviews for this product are four or five stars. The comments are usually positive except for those that get a little confused about the incredible functionality of the device. For some it is overwhelming, but for those that are tech savvy, or simply like to have access to all of the shows that they love to watch, the Slingbox M2 is a fantastic device for people that like to binge watch on the go.

We hope you enjoyed this review and keep your eyes open for more Slingbox M2 reviews coming in the future.

Detailed NVIDIA Shield Android TV Review 2016

NVIDIA Shield Android TV Review 2016

NVIDIA Shield Android TV Review 2016Searching for a world-class streaming box? This NVIDIA Shield Android TV review should help. You will be stuck with a plethora of options and minimal time to make a decision. This is when you’re going to start scratching your head in confusion. Before getting worried, it’s important to take a look at one of the major players in the market right now.

The “NVIDIA Shield Android TV” is a potential option and is one most people will look at.

This review will look at its features, pros, and cons to determine whether it is worth spending money on or not.

Key Features

Let’s start with the features in this NVIDIA Shield Android TV review to make sure a proper determination can be made of its core specifications.

1) Offers 4K HDR For Netflix And 1000+ Apps
2) Easy To Use Device For Beginners
3) Powered By Android TV™
4) Has Built-In Google Chromecast For Easy Use
5) Offers Easy Access To All Games With SHIELD
6) Offers 16 GB Of Storage (Can Increase To 128 GB If Necessary)
7) Includes Controller And HDMI

More Information on Amazon Here

These are the key features for this streaming box and what it provides. Let’s move onto the pros and cons.

World-Class 4K Streaming

Before anything else, it is important to begin this NVIDIA Shield Android TV review with a look at the picture quality. If the quality isn’t there, the streaming box won’t do justice to your setup.

This is a world-class option. It does an exceptional job of providing excellent picture quality that will make your jaw drop. It picks up colors and blacks well, and that is key when hoping to get a crisp image that works well with your system. Not only does it do this for Netflix, but it also does it for hundreds of other streaming apps in the setup.

Therefore, those who are thinking of KODI will also be able to stream with ease.

Good Native App Selection

What about the native app selection? This is always a challenge when there are competitors such as Apple TV in the running for your money.

The native app selection is tremendous and detailed. You’ll be able to play around with the apps and get the ones you want. This is key as you won’t require any other system once you have this streaming box. They have worked hard on it, and this shows.

Easy To Use

How easy is it to use for those who are getting a streaming box for the first time? It is a “plug and play” system, so it won’t take longer than a few seconds to have it up and running. There are minimal wires at play, so connect it to your TV through the HDMI port, and you are golden.

This easiness is key and works well with all of your devices.

By using Google Chromecast, you can even play things through your smartphones, which is a major positive. It works with both Android and iOS devices so that you won’t be limited in this regard.

Good Voice Search Feature

The voice search is a neat bonus and one most people are not going to expect, but it does come with NVIDIA Shield Android TV. They have done a good job of making sure the voice feature is responsive. It does not mess up as can be the case with such solutions.

It is a robust feature and one that will grab your attention.


The one con you are going to notice with NVIDIA Shield Android TV has to do with its price point. Just like any good product, they’re going to charge you a good chunk of change for it. The same applies to this product from NVIDIA and what they offer.

It might be a lot for some, but you have to realize the features are unbeatable right now.

You are getting good value.


So, what does this NVIDIA Shield Android TV review show you as a consumer?

You should be getting this well-rounded streaming TV box as soon as you can. It is the real deal, and the overall package is hard to beat. You are getting excellent streaming quality, gaming options, and various apps that are going to work well with your setup.

This is one of the best streaming boxes on the market right now without a doubt.

The Best Amazon Fire TV Stick Review

Amazon Fire TV Stick

A Real Amazon Fire TV Stick review that lays out the real facts, pros, and cons.

Amazon Fire TV StickEssentially, when one thinks of a streaming stick they think of connecting the barrier between a small screen and a big screen, but that is not what this Amazon Fire TV Stick Review is about. Of course you can store and view your pictures on your big screen t.v., but this device is more than that. It enables you to access the plethora of movies and shows that Amazon holds in their alcoves. The Leveno Cast, Chromecast and Roku are essentially limited to that, but not the Fire stick.

More Information on Amazon Here

Here you will find the most comprehensive Amazon Fire TV Stick Review anywhere online. Given the number of competitors that Amazon worked to gain a portion of the market over, it is only natural that all of the options given for each must be compared. If you are looking to determine whether or not the Amazon option is above the others you have come to the write place. Below is the all of the information that you need to make the decision that is right for you.

One major downside is that the power cable that is similar to what the Chromecast offers comes off of the side instead of the back. This can be a major problem if you have multiple devices that you like to connect to your t.v. using the HDMI ports. There is an extension cable available to go around this, but it is an extra purchase, which is something to keep in mind.

The remote is definitely something to be adored. Unlike other options it is operated using Bluetooth technology so that you are not forced to point it directly at the stick. This allows the user to be seated where they wish to control it. It is also very smooth and easy to use. The options seem limited, but in the end it provides everything that you could need, making the use very seamless and easy for anyone to use regardless of their level of technological experience.

Unfortunately, after dropping the remote just one you may run into some major problems. For one, the directional wheel may no longer work. It is a plus when it works properly, but if it stops working it can create a great deal of difficulty when it comes to navigation. Additionally, it is made so poorly that when dropped it is very likely to break into two pieces, leaving you to pick them up and hope that you can put them together and get it to work again as it should. The remote is great, unless you, like most people, have a tendency to drop it from time to time.

On the plus side, you can set up your phone to act as the remote so that you do not need to worry too much if it does break. It is very quick and easy to set this feature up, but if you do not have a phone that is compatible it can leave you unable to enjoy the features that you have paid for. Be sure that when you make your purchase that you confirm that you have this ability so that you are not spending more time ordering new remotes that watching your favorite shows and movies.

When it comes to what others have to say about this stick the reviews are extremely positive, with small complaints mixed in from here to there. One major complaint is how easy it is to lose the remote due to its small size and inconspicuous nature. A simple fix to that would be making it a bold color. If you have any other similar devices, however, you know that this is something that troubles everyone. Some even have a hanging tag of color, but in certain conditions that does not help either. This says nothing for its functionality, but of course not being able to find your remote can be annoying. It’s one of those things that almost everyone has gone through from time to time.

Finally, the set up time is amazing. Even the most inexperienced person that does not regularly use devices of this nature can set it up to fit their needs in as little as 30 minutes. The steps are very clear and so easy to follow your grandma can do it without question. The best part is that settings are not set in gold. If at anytime you wish to further customize your stick you can do so with just a few clicks of the button.

All in all the Amazon Fire TV Stick Reviews are actually quite positive. Given the prices involved they have a great deal to offer. There are some downsides, but in the end, their plethora of options available supersede these, especially if you have a phone that you can use to connect to the stick.

Is The Roku 4 Right For You? This Roku 4 Review Lets You Know!

Roku 4 Review

Roku 4 Player ReviewKeep reading this Roku 4 review to learn all that should impact your decision about whether or not to add this unit to your entertainment arsenal.

If you are hunting for a new streaming media player or in the market to get one for the first time ever, then the Roku 4 is a device worthy of your consideration. In short, this 4K unit is an effective piece of technology and provides serious value at its price point, but if you are looking for something revolutionary after previous streaming media players, then you might be left wanting.

That fact that the Roku 4 is a very effective player in the current market is not a shock to those that watch the industry. The reason for this is the fact that Roku as a company has been making these set-top boxes for a while now and they know what they are doing. The new model has smart search features, a pretty fast interface, and fluid operation through a plentiful bounty of various apps.

While those are all nice factors or features, not much about the Roku 4 is going to change the industry or impact competing products. The average retail price for this device is around $130 USD, and it’s a very good price point for consumers for what they get. Unfortunately, it does not take any huge leaps forward like the Roku 3 did when it introduced voice searching.

With 4, Roku is making making the same gamble that Fire TV is, in that the new addition of 4K UHD, also known as ultra-high-definition video is going to prove alluring all by itself. 4K is definitely something to take note of, but it is also likely only to prove alluring to the most hardcore of enthusiasts.

So, in general, if you have a Roku 3 or similar generation set-top box or unit, then there’s not enough here to warrant rushing out to buy one immediately. The only difference is if you want 4K now, in which case, this device is a contender, according to this Roku 4 review.

More Information on Amazon Here

The Software

The Roku 4 uses the Roku OS 7. Two noticeable upgrades over previous versions include search capabilities that are enhanced and a feed that puts notifications on your home screen. Another new feature enables your Roku 4 to connect to available WiFi networks, even if they require login information. Such WiFi connections can be in dorm rooms or hotels, as well as temporary WiFi connections broadcast by computers, tablets, or smartphones. If you enjoy following particular actors and films, there is an option to have news about them put straight into your feed.

The Hardware

Roku has put out a few devices in the past that looked like some kind of futuristic hockey puck. Fortunately, the Roku 4 comes in a form that is a bit flatter than its ancestors and also quite wider. However, if you have or have had a previous Roku, you’ll notice familiar things like a sizable “4” logo on the top, black plastic, and a distinct Roku cloth tag. The width is also enough that you might not fit this in the same spot you put a previous Roku in.

The backside of the device has your connection ports. You find an HDMI connector, an Ethernet jack, a microSD slot, and an optical audio port. On the top of the box you can find a button that will help you locate the remote control; this feature is rather simplistic, but it’s also brilliant in how helpful it is.

The remote control is of course the other vital piece of hardware to access the Roku 4’s streaming media. If you are familiar with the Roku 3 controller, then you pretty much already know the new one. There is a voice search button, but you also get directional arrows reminiscent of gamepads from consoles. Dedicated buttons give you instant access to Rdio, Sling, Amazon, and Netflix. Of course you have to have active subscriptions to these services to access their content.

If you enjoyed using a previous Roku because of its headphone jack or the bundled earbuds, rest easy in knowing that feature has stuck around for another generation.

Inside the box, Roku 4’s brain is a recent quad-core processor. That might seem like a lot of processing power for a streaming media device, but 4K content demands it. That’s why you’ll sometimes hear a tiny fan cooling the processor, which previous Rokus did not have. However, the noise isn’t excessive enough to interrupt your entertainment.


Setting up the Roku 4 is a simple affair, and then the device can be controlled either through the remote control or a smartphone even. Voice search is a very useful feature that means only pressing a single button before relying purely on vocal commands, which can free your hands for snacks, warm pockets, or even cuddling with a loved one. As noted by other Roku 4 reviews, the availability of 4K content is solid but not overwhelmingly strong. UHD compatibility is not present, but this future standard is not yet finalized either. If your TV is still 1080p, neither format is anything you need to worry about.

At the end of the day, this Roku 4 review concludes that this set-top box has pros and cons. It proves simple to use with a fast interface to access a broad selection of apps. However, the software that comes with the unit is still similar to predecessors and is starting to feel a bit dated. The available 4K content is nothing to sneeze at, and might appeal to enthusiasts, although the lack of support for HDR risks making this unit obsolete within a year. If you already have a Roku 3 or something equivalent, there’s not enough wow factor here to necessitate an upgrade unless your dying to get some 4K content. If you’re looking for a starter unit and don’t think you’ll need HDR anytime soon, then this is a great piece of technology to try out streaming media for the first time.

Our Latest Amazon Fire TV Review

Amazon Fire TV Review

Amazon Fire TV ReviewIf you would like to purchase the latest Amazon Fire TV, this streaming media player is one of the more popular devices on the market today and you should continue to read this Amazon Fire TV Review. It has many state-of-the-art features that were not on the previous version, and is able to connect at 1080 P streaming YouTube, Netflix, and of course Amazon video. There were several other benefits associated with owning this device which is very cost effective to own. Here is our Amazon Fire TV review and why you should consider having one at your home.

What Is The Amazon Fire TV?

We would like to describe this device for people that have never heard of it before while we discuss the first part of this Amazon Fire TV review, . This is a device which allows you to stream an incredible amount of content from a multitude of different sources. We have already mentioned that you can you Amazon video, Netflix and you too, but you can also watch Hulu, plus enjoy over 300,000 episodes of TV on all of those plus HBO GO. These are just the streaming capabilities of this device and there are many other features that need to be discussed which motivate some people to purchase this unit.

More Information on Amazon Here

Applications And Games

Another positive aspect of owning this devices that you can enjoy 7000 applications, games, and also Alexa skills. You can do this even if you do not have satellite or cable. Some of these applications allow you to watch news, sports, play music, and even look at the weather to determine what it will be like outside if you actually decide to go out. Unfortunately, these devices are not prime motivators for getting people outside to do physical activities. They will be too busy watching TV such as sports, Fox News, ESPN and even Sling TV if that is what you prefer.

Say It Watch It

Another unique feature that we had to add to this Amazon Fire TV review is a feature called Say it Watch it. Essentially, you simply have to tell the device what it is that you would like to watch and it will find it for you. Most of us have always had trouble with using the remote control to choose those individual letters, sometimes taking a few minutes just to find a single movie or TV show. Now, using this new technology, it is possible to talk to the Amazon Fire TV device and it will load what you want to watch based upon what you have said.

More Power Than Ever before

One other upgrade that this device has is 75% more power. This is the processing power of the device that works directly with a dedicated graphics engine. This means that your ability to stream movies and use applications will be increased dramatically because everything will load faster and play almost immediately. Additionally, it has Wi-Fi support that is much better than before. Many people have complained about the Wi-Fi dropping repeatedly. This issue has been resolved and people that use this latest unit will be able to enjoy pure connectivity on a continual basis.

More Memory And Storage

There is now more memory and storage than ever before. We have seen this trend in other digital devices such as smart phones which advanced from a 1 GB RAM memory to 2 GB. This is exactly what has been installed in each and every Amazon Fire TV device. There is also more storage, providing you with 8 GB of storage space, as well as expandable storage, something that is simply not available on products by Apple. This is of great benefit to people that want to play more games and have access to more memory. It allows you to have full control without worrying about doing too much. These advancements with memory and storage are definitely one of the best improvements.

Play More Games Than Ever Before

You can actually play more games than ever before, totaling about 1400. It’s the most games of any existing streaming media player, and that means there will be something for the entire family. There will be games like Minecraft, Pac-Man, and Lego Star Wars. These additions have made it possible for games that would have been slow and problematic to now perform like many of the other gaming consoles.

Access To Prime Video Still Available

Even if you do have Netflix and Hulu, you now have access to Amazon Prime Video. This is not only a great place to see movies that are older, but also Amazon Originals that are taking Internet by storm.

You can also purchase movies or episodes of your favorite TV shows such as Game of Thrones. It’s a great way to expand your ability to watch as much television as you need to, and movies that may not be available anywhere else.

How Does It Compare To The Previous Model?

According to most reviews, this upgrade has been phenomenal. It has taken care of problems that many users have complained about before. The addition of Alexa which was only available through Amazon Echo is a welcome addition to people that want to have full control. There are some that have said that the new Fire TV is not the most ideal solution for media streaming. The primary reason is that people that have Amazon Prime are going to really enjoy this system, whereas others that do not may have some reservations. Additionally, there were some complaints about the 4K content selection that is literally dwarfed by what is available on the Roku 4. However, despite these two shortcomings, Amazon Fire TV is consistently moving forward toward providing the perfect Prime video delivery system with the Ultra HD resolution, faster Wi-Fi, and more memory than ever before.

Even if you have never used Amazon Fire TV, you will definitely be impressed by these upgrades. It will make you feel much more confident with the device because it’s easier to use, plus everything will load so much faster, as well as look much clear. It is designed for those that have prime membership, and is going to make movie and TV selections so much easier with the advent of Alexa. You should definitely try it out if you would like to take advantage of the incredible improvements that Amazon has done on its latest version. Hopefully this Amazon Fire TV review has presented a balanced overview of Amazon’s latest version of Fire TV, the streaming media player that has so much more than bells and whistles.

Roku Streaming Stick Review: The Pros And Cons

Roku Streaming Stick Review

Roku Streaming StickYou’ve heard of Roku and now you’re probably considering buying its latest Streaming Stick. However, is it worth the money and what are its pros and cons? Before you decide to get it, make sure you read our Roku Streaming Stick review because t will provide you with its pros, cons, whether we recommend it and we will let you know how much you can expect to pay for it. Additionally, if you look around the page, we will even show you where you can get it.  🙂

The Pros

We’ll start this Roku streaming stick review off by discussing the pros. There are numbers things we like about this stick. Below are the top things we like.

1. Its Size- The latest streaming stick from Roku is the perfect size, as it’s smaller than its predecessor. What this means is you should have no problem fitting it into any HDMI port. One end of the stick features an HDMI connector and another end features a USB port, which powers it.

2. Remote Control- When you purchase the stick, you’ll receive a remote control that you can point anywhere. You can use it within a range of about 30 feet from your device. The remote is sleek looking and it features a big navigational pad. Using the remote is easy, so you shouldn’t have no problems with it.

3. The Roku App- You can download the free Roku app and control the stick with your tablet or smartphone. Essentially, you can use the app like a remote control. Another cool thing about the app is you can enjoy a private listening experience via your smartphone, and only the new Roku streaming stick is capable of using this feature.

4. Many Services Available- There are so many things you can watch once you get your hands on the Roku streaming stick. When you go to the Roku Channel Store, you’ll be able to select from many apps and services, and this includes names you’re familiar with, such as YouTube, Hulu, Google Play, Twitch, Sling TV and even Netflix. You will have  no problems finding something to watch and you’ll be impressed with the selection.

Not only can you watch a lot of stuff, but you can find a lot of music to listen to. You can take advantage of the stick and listen to iHeartRadio or see what’s on Spotify or you can check out Pandora or Google Play because you’ll find all of those on Roku. iTunes is missing from the selection, but this isn’t a big deal because you’ll find great music on the services previously mentioned. If you enjoy watching shows and listening to music, then you’ll love Roku and you’ll love its streaming stick.

Also, you’ll have no problem with navigating because the interface is very use-friendly. When you look at the home screen, you’ll see all of the apps you have installed, which will be shown to the right and then everything is separated into categories, which makes browsing easy. Searching for shows and movies is possible, and you can look for movies and shows on Fandango.

5. Affordable- With so many great features, you’d think this stick would be expensive. However, this isn’t the case at all and it only costs $49.99 at many places. Some retailers may sell it for more than that, but you can expect to pay around $49.99 for it, which is a good price and you’ll quickly see why it’s worth the money.

Those are only a few of the pros. In short, the Roku Streaming Stick is sold at a fair price, you’ll have access to many services, it works quickly and it is easy to use and it is very responsive. Those are the main reasons why we love it.

More Information on Amazon Here

Roku Streaming Stick Review – The Cons

No product is perfect. Although this streaming stick is near perfect, there are a handful of cons. In fact, there are two main cons. These cons include:

1. Doesn’t Support 4K- If you want to watch content in 4K, then you’re out of luck. The device doesn’t support 4K. Is this a huge deal? We don’t think it is and we don’t believe many people would care about this, but nonetheless there are some people who may consider this a con.

2. No Jack- The remote control may be great and useful, but there is a downfall. It features no jack for headphones. However, you can use the Roku mobile app and your phone if you want to enjoy private listening.

Those are the only cons. Even though the remote doesn’t have a jack and the device doesn’t support 4K, we don’t mind. We don’t think you’d mind either.

Should You Get It

We strongly recommend trying out the latest Roku Streaming Stick. For around $49.99, you can’t beat the price and it is one of those devices you will use over and over again. When it comes to media streaming sticks, you can’t beat Roku’s product, especially since it is so small and so fast at the same time. Remember, it is easy to use, so don’t worry about whether or not you have to be a tech guru or anything like that because it doesn’t matter who you are, figuring out how to use the Streaming Stick is easy.

As you can see from our Roku Streaming Stick review, it is a great product and we love it. It is worth the money and it’s affordable. Go ahead and order the Roku Streaming Stick because you’ll love it just as much as we love it.