Is The Roku 4 Right For You? This Roku 4 Review Lets You Know!

Roku 4 Review

Roku 4 Player ReviewKeep reading this Roku 4 review to learn all that should impact your decision about whether or not to add this unit to your entertainment arsenal.

If you are hunting for a new streaming media player or in the market to get one for the first time ever, then the Roku 4 is a device worthy of your consideration. In short, this 4K unit is an effective piece of technology and provides serious value at its price point, but if you are looking for something revolutionary after previous streaming media players, then you might be left wanting.

That fact that the Roku 4 is a very effective player in the current market is not a shock to those that watch the industry. The reason for this is the fact that Roku as a company has been making these set-top boxes for a while now and they know what they are doing. The new model has smart search features, a pretty fast interface, and fluid operation through a plentiful bounty of various apps.

While those are all nice factors or features, not much about the Roku 4 is going to change the industry or impact competing products. The average retail price for this device is around $130 USD, and it’s a very good price point for consumers for what they get. Unfortunately, it does not take any huge leaps forward like the Roku 3 did when it introduced voice searching.

With 4, Roku is making making the same gamble that Fire TV is, in that the new addition of 4K UHD, also known as ultra-high-definition video is going to prove alluring all by itself. 4K is definitely something to take note of, but it is also likely only to prove alluring to the most hardcore of enthusiasts.

So, in general, if you have a Roku 3 or similar generation set-top box or unit, then there’s not enough here to warrant rushing out to buy one immediately. The only difference is if you want 4K now, in which case, this device is a contender, according to this Roku 4 review.

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The Software

The Roku 4 uses the Roku OS 7. Two noticeable upgrades over previous versions include search capabilities that are enhanced and a feed that puts notifications on your home screen. Another new feature enables your Roku 4 to connect to available WiFi networks, even if they require login information. Such WiFi connections can be in dorm rooms or hotels, as well as temporary WiFi connections broadcast by computers, tablets, or smartphones. If you enjoy following particular actors and films, there is an option to have news about them put straight into your feed.

The Hardware

Roku has put out a few devices in the past that looked like some kind of futuristic hockey puck. Fortunately, the Roku 4 comes in a form that is a bit flatter than its ancestors and also quite wider. However, if you have or have had a previous Roku, you’ll notice familiar things like a sizable “4” logo on the top, black plastic, and a distinct Roku cloth tag. The width is also enough that you might not fit this in the same spot you put a previous Roku in.

The backside of the device has your connection ports. You find an HDMI connector, an Ethernet jack, a microSD slot, and an optical audio port. On the top of the box you can find a button that will help you locate the remote control; this feature is rather simplistic, but it’s also brilliant in how helpful it is.

The remote control is of course the other vital piece of hardware to access the Roku 4’s streaming media. If you are familiar with the Roku 3 controller, then you pretty much already know the new one. There is a voice search button, but you also get directional arrows reminiscent of gamepads from consoles. Dedicated buttons give you instant access to Rdio, Sling, Amazon, and Netflix. Of course you have to have active subscriptions to these services to access their content.

If you enjoyed using a previous Roku because of its headphone jack or the bundled earbuds, rest easy in knowing that feature has stuck around for another generation.

Inside the box, Roku 4’s brain is a recent quad-core processor. That might seem like a lot of processing power for a streaming media device, but 4K content demands it. That’s why you’ll sometimes hear a tiny fan cooling the processor, which previous Rokus did not have. However, the noise isn’t excessive enough to interrupt your entertainment.


Setting up the Roku 4 is a simple affair, and then the device can be controlled either through the remote control or a smartphone even. Voice search is a very useful feature that means only pressing a single button before relying purely on vocal commands, which can free your hands for snacks, warm pockets, or even cuddling with a loved one. As noted by other Roku 4 reviews, the availability of 4K content is solid but not overwhelmingly strong. UHD compatibility is not present, but this future standard is not yet finalized either. If your TV is still 1080p, neither format is anything you need to worry about.

At the end of the day, this Roku 4 review concludes that this set-top box has pros and cons. It proves simple to use with a fast interface to access a broad selection of apps. However, the software that comes with the unit is still similar to predecessors and is starting to feel a bit dated. The available 4K content is nothing to sneeze at, and might appeal to enthusiasts, although the lack of support for HDR risks making this unit obsolete within a year. If you already have a Roku 3 or something equivalent, there’s not enough wow factor here to necessitate an upgrade unless your dying to get some 4K content. If you’re looking for a starter unit and don’t think you’ll need HDR anytime soon, then this is a great piece of technology to try out streaming media for the first time.

Roku Streaming Stick Review: The Pros And Cons

Roku Streaming Stick Review

Roku Streaming StickYou’ve heard of Roku and now you’re probably considering buying its latest Streaming Stick. However, is it worth the money and what are its pros and cons? Before you decide to get it, make sure you read our Roku Streaming Stick review because t will provide you with its pros, cons, whether we recommend it and we will let you know how much you can expect to pay for it. Additionally, if you look around the page, we will even show you where you can get it.  🙂

The Pros

We’ll start this Roku streaming stick review off by discussing the pros. There are numbers things we like about this stick. Below are the top things we like.

1. Its Size- The latest streaming stick from Roku is the perfect size, as it’s smaller than its predecessor. What this means is you should have no problem fitting it into any HDMI port. One end of the stick features an HDMI connector and another end features a USB port, which powers it.

2. Remote Control- When you purchase the stick, you’ll receive a remote control that you can point anywhere. You can use it within a range of about 30 feet from your device. The remote is sleek looking and it features a big navigational pad. Using the remote is easy, so you shouldn’t have no problems with it.

3. The Roku App- You can download the free Roku app and control the stick with your tablet or smartphone. Essentially, you can use the app like a remote control. Another cool thing about the app is you can enjoy a private listening experience via your smartphone, and only the new Roku streaming stick is capable of using this feature.

4. Many Services Available- There are so many things you can watch once you get your hands on the Roku streaming stick. When you go to the Roku Channel Store, you’ll be able to select from many apps and services, and this includes names you’re familiar with, such as YouTube, Hulu, Google Play, Twitch, Sling TV and even Netflix. You will have  no problems finding something to watch and you’ll be impressed with the selection.

Not only can you watch a lot of stuff, but you can find a lot of music to listen to. You can take advantage of the stick and listen to iHeartRadio or see what’s on Spotify or you can check out Pandora or Google Play because you’ll find all of those on Roku. iTunes is missing from the selection, but this isn’t a big deal because you’ll find great music on the services previously mentioned. If you enjoy watching shows and listening to music, then you’ll love Roku and you’ll love its streaming stick.

Also, you’ll have no problem with navigating because the interface is very use-friendly. When you look at the home screen, you’ll see all of the apps you have installed, which will be shown to the right and then everything is separated into categories, which makes browsing easy. Searching for shows and movies is possible, and you can look for movies and shows on Fandango.

5. Affordable- With so many great features, you’d think this stick would be expensive. However, this isn’t the case at all and it only costs $49.99 at many places. Some retailers may sell it for more than that, but you can expect to pay around $49.99 for it, which is a good price and you’ll quickly see why it’s worth the money.

Those are only a few of the pros. In short, the Roku Streaming Stick is sold at a fair price, you’ll have access to many services, it works quickly and it is easy to use and it is very responsive. Those are the main reasons why we love it.

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Roku Streaming Stick Review – The Cons

No product is perfect. Although this streaming stick is near perfect, there are a handful of cons. In fact, there are two main cons. These cons include:

1. Doesn’t Support 4K- If you want to watch content in 4K, then you’re out of luck. The device doesn’t support 4K. Is this a huge deal? We don’t think it is and we don’t believe many people would care about this, but nonetheless there are some people who may consider this a con.

2. No Jack- The remote control may be great and useful, but there is a downfall. It features no jack for headphones. However, you can use the Roku mobile app and your phone if you want to enjoy private listening.

Those are the only cons. Even though the remote doesn’t have a jack and the device doesn’t support 4K, we don’t mind. We don’t think you’d mind either.

Should You Get It

We strongly recommend trying out the latest Roku Streaming Stick. For around $49.99, you can’t beat the price and it is one of those devices you will use over and over again. When it comes to media streaming sticks, you can’t beat Roku’s product, especially since it is so small and so fast at the same time. Remember, it is easy to use, so don’t worry about whether or not you have to be a tech guru or anything like that because it doesn’t matter who you are, figuring out how to use the Streaming Stick is easy.

As you can see from our Roku Streaming Stick review, it is a great product and we love it. It is worth the money and it’s affordable. Go ahead and order the Roku Streaming Stick because you’ll love it just as much as we love it.

A Roku 3 Review – List of Benefits

Roku 3 Review

Here is our Roku 3 Review and why you should consider this unit.

Roku 3There are a number of devices in this day and age that will allow you to make the most out of your streaming content. Regardless of what sort of shows, music, events or other content you enjoy, you owe it to yourself to look into a quality device that will help you make the most of it. For instance, there are a number of devices, including Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Roku, which have grown in popularity throughout the years. If you would like to learn about another excellent device, you can turn to the Roku 3 to get your content fix. Wit this in mind, read on and take advantage of this Roku 3 review below to see exactly what this device can do for you.

Roku Benefits

If you need to know whether a Roku 3 device is what you need, you can start out by looking into the many benefits offered by the Roku 3. These tips below will get you started, so that you can see whether this is the device that you would most like to invest in when it comes to your content needs.

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#1: You Will Be Able To Load Up Your Favorite Streaming Platforms

One of the main reason that people turn to this device is the fact that it allow them to enjoy all of their favorite content. For the example, you will be able to load up Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Showtime Anytime, Amazon and so much more. By having access to the streaming platform, you will never have to worry about being behind on your favorite programming. The device comes equipped with all of these apps and you can continuously download new versions and different apps for other types of streaming content.

#2: It Has A Much Quicker Response Time Than Previous Models

This is the third rendition of the Roku device, you can expect better performance than previous versions. One of the biggest changes which you will quickly realize is the fact that this model has far better response time than previous models. This way, when you go to click on a particular option, it will pop up swiftly and give you the opportunity to get up and wanting with greater speed. This makes the experience far more beneficial for the user and allow you to relax, unwind and enjoy your favorite programming.

#3: It Has A Voice Search Option

Another great benefit of this device is that it took the search feature up a notch by creating voice search. Punching in words with the remote can become tedious over time, especially if you are searching for long titles or are not exactly sure what you are looking to find. However, with the voice search option, you will be able to use the headphone jack which is included and can use speech and voice command to find any sort of content that you are looking for.

#4: You Can Sync Up With The Roku App

The benefit of taking advantage of Roku is that you will also be able to use your account remotely via the app that comes with it. What this means is that whether you are on the go using a cell phone, tablet, video game console or any other device, you will be able to make the absolute most of this by syncing up with the application. Doing so gives you a great deal of flexibility and allows you to control your content and programming while you are on the go. The app is also constantly updated to give you the highest quality performance possible and to fix bugs and other issues.

#5: It Has Plenty of Gaming Potential

Another great benefit is that this device is equipped to play downloadable games. You may not always be in the mood for watching content, so if you would like to switch it up and begin gaming instead, the remote is able to help you seamlessly. It comes equipped with some games that you can play out of the box and you will be able to continuously searched the marketplace for new games as they come out that will provide for an excellent experience.

What are people saying about it?

All in all, people are continuously pleased with this device, and the Roku 3 Reviews are stellar. Where most people are praising this Roku for is the fact that they ditch unnecessary features and instead ramped it up with new features that build upon what the old devices were able to do. Reviewers across the web have given this device high marks due to the fact that it is intuitive and able to quickly be used, regardless of whether or not you are accustomed to these sorts of streaming devices or not.

The Price

When it comes to purchasing any sort of streaming device, you will definitely want to pay attention to the price as you look to wait your options. In terms of price, you can expect to pay $100 for this model. This price point is $30 more expensive than the previous Roku device and double the price of the Roku stick. However, since this device does more than both of the aforementioned, you will feel good about paying this price point. Further, this $100 price tag is easily on par with other similar devices on the market which our competitors and which offer similar services that this Roku platform provides. You can order it online easily or find it in stores.

So with this in mind, you owe it to yourself to take full advantage of these points in order to purchase a Roku 3 and get the most out of it. As you can tell by this Roku 3 review, there are a number of things that you can do with it and it will take your viewership and content enjoyment to the next level. Take these points in mind and begin shopping around for a Roku 3.